Ada County Paramedics

To care for you like we care for our own, we deliver pre-hospital healthcare focused on our values


Ada County Paramedics has served the residents of Ada County as healthcare providers and patient advocates since 1975. Our expertise and genuine concern for the health and lives of all Ada County residents help shape our philosophy, which is based on a set of values we each adhere to:

Humanity, Integrity, Trust, Excellence and Stewardship.


Along with six other surrounding public safety agencies, the Ada County/City Emergency Services System (ACCESS) agreement was formed to provide Ada County residents with the highest level of healthcare available.

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Ada County Paramedics has a specialized training department that ensures each of our paramedics and EMTs receive the most up-to-date training available. This ensures we continue to deliver the highest level of care to our patients.

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Do you want to wake up every day loving what you do and make a difference in your community? If so, Ada County Paramedics may be the place for you! Learn about current job openings at Ada County Paramedics today.

Vital Ride Ambulance Membership

Emergencies can be scary, but with Vital Ride your ambulance bill won’t be. Learn how you can invest in your community and protect your family starting at just $75 a year.

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“I enrolled in Vital Ride because I’m getting older… the typical price for a ride to the hospital is pretty exorbitant. I enjoy the security of knowing if I ever have a problem, I don’t have to worry [about the ambulance bill] if I have to go to the hospital. It’s well worth it!”


James Harrison

“In 2016 I called 911 at least 6 times… the Vital Ride Membership is about the best money out-of-pocket I’ve spent.”

Dorothy Taffin

“I have Parkinsons and I’ve had that for 28 years. And I’ve had a number of surgeries which have also had a significant impact on my lifestyle. From a consumer standpoint [Vital Ride] just makes a lot of sense.”

Gary Denniston

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Special Events Coverage

Ada County Paramedics is available to stand by at your next event, helping keep your attendees safer.


Car Seat Inspections

Are you unsure how to properly install your child’s car seat, or would you like to ensure it’s secure? We can help!


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