Ada County Paramedics

Written By: Chris Shandera

For Ada County Paramedics

Working as a paramedic or an EMT can be a stressful yet very rewarding endeavor. Maintaining a healthy sense of humor is one way we cope with the difficult situations we frequently encounter. Take a walk in our shoes while reading this blog… but don’t forget we love what we do.

You know you’re a paramedic when:

1. No discussion of human bodily functions can ruin your appetite.

2. It’s normal for you to ask someone about their bowel habits.

3. Your friends ask you to look at their rash.

4. You family and friends expect you to be a medical expert on all topics, including even the most rare conditions.

5. You can return from a 911 call where you just saved someone’s life and then go back to eating your sandwich like it’s just another day at the office.

6. Your friends’ parents ask if you can recommend a good nursing home.

7. Your friends can’t wait to hear about what you did at work that day.

8. When someone refers to you as an “ambulance driver,” you just smile and nod, because after all you do technically drive an ambulance.

9. When a “good or busy day” for you means someone else may be having a not-so-good day…

10. On your day off, you see an ambulance drive by with lights and sirens and you’re the only one who pulls over to the right.

11. You know the value of ambulance membership programs, like VitalRide, which can help people save thousands on ambulance bills their insurance might not cover.

12. And finally, you are never amazed at what human curiosity will make people do…

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