Boise, June, 2015 – A local Ada County Paramedic was named an American Red Cross “Hometown Hero” this week. Chris Shandera was honored at an awards luncheon, Tuesday at the Riverside Hotel in Boise. The ceremony highlighted local citizens who have acted heroically in their professions and who “deserve to be recognized for their actions by their communities,” the American Red Cross said in a letter sent to the winners.

Ada County Paramedic Receives Award

Ada County Paramedic Chris Shandera accepts an award from The American Red Cross

The award ceremony brought together community leaders, first responders, emergency and safety personnel, corporations and individuals who see safety as a priority.

An excerpt read during the luncheon honoring Ada County Paramedic Chris Shandera said he was nominated for and won the award because of his heroic efforts and vigor for the work he does.

“[Chris Shandera] is always on his A game, [he’s] a paramedic whose excellence and passion for his work have a positive influence on those around him. Chris knows that at any moment, his decisions can make the difference between life and death for those who depend on him, and he takes this responsibility very seriously. This responsibility took on a very personal dimension one night in May of 2014 when Chris discovered that a medical response in a parking lot involved a friend’s father, who had collapsed after suffering a heart attack and a traumatic brain injury. [The patient] had no heartbeat when Chris first took his vital signs, but Chris acted with calm, skill and precision to revive [the patient] and get him to St. Alphonsus Hospital… thanks to Chris’ lifesaving care, he not only survived the incident, but regained full function within two months. According to those who nominated Chris, where Chris goes, life-changing miracles happen, which to [those who nominated him say] is the very definition of a hero.”

Ada County Paramedics Chris Shandera said he’s grateful to have been selected as a hometown hero although he doesn’t necessarily see himself as “heroic.”

“I’m honored The American Red Cross selected me for this award,” Shandera said. “But I think each and every first responder and medical professional is a hero in their own right. We don’t do what we do for recognition. Helping people in emergency situations is my job… I care deeply about my work and the community I serve.”

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