Imagine you’re shopping at the Village in Meridian or the Boise Town Square and a woman in the store next to you suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. You have no way of knowing this happened until you see two Ada County Paramedics feverishly pushing a gurney into the store.

Since you know how to do CPR, you would have helped this woman if you only knew she needed help—especially since you were only a few feet away.


Enter PulsePoint—a smartphone application that will notify you of just that.

PulsePoint is a 911-integrated app that alerts those with CPR training if a cardiac arrest is occurring near them in a public location. PulsePoint interfaces with the computer automated, 911 dispatch system (TriTech) and also shows users where the nearest AED device is located. This new app integration gives our community a new and very meaningful way to assist in emergency situations.

The Ada County-City Emergency Services System (ACCESS), which is composed of 7 public safety agencies in and around Ada County, purchased PulsePoint in early 2017 with funds from the Boise Fire Department. Through collaborative work, the ACCESS group on-boarded the 911-integrated app and is adding this new tool, bystander civilians, to its life-saving tool kit.

The app, which is live in our community as of March 31, 2017, is free and works in both IOS and Android systems. Once downloaded, it’s simple to set up. PulsePoint allows the app users to see active 911 calls as they’re happening in the ACCESS 911 system, while keeping information generalized enough so private patient information is protected. PulsePoint only notifies CPR-trained civilians when 911 calls occur in public areas and will not send them to residential cardiac arrest calls.

We’ve all likely wondered, at one time or another, if there was a way we could be notified if a neighbor or friend needed help. With PulsePoint, we now have the ability to receive notifications if a cardiac arrest occurs anywhere near us. This app will save lives by helping initiate CPR until first responders arrive on scene.

ACCESS is now rolling PulsePoint out to the public to inspire CPR-trained civilians (as well a providers) to download the app. PulsePoint has been successfully implemented across the country and is improving overall survival of cardiac arrest victims. Learn how to download PulsePoint and start helping us save lives today!