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Our Leadership Team

 Darby Weston
Darby WestonChief
Darby Weston has worked in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) since 1984. Darby came to Ada County in 1986, where he now oversees the Leadership and Supervisor Team in strategic EMS operations including administration, business, billing, marketing, clinical, training and hiring among many other responsibilities. Prior to working for Ada County, Darby worked as a ski instructor at Bogus Basin, and then joined the Professional Ski Patrol in Mt. Hood Meadows where he worked in patrol and avalanche control. In his downtime, Darby enjoys spending time with his family and outdoor recreation in McCall, Idaho. Ada County Paramedics’ employees describe Darby as “Focused but easygoing, full of positive energy, and a force of nature.”
Shawn Rayne
Shawn RayneDeputy Chief
Shawn Rayne has worked for Ada County Paramedics since 1995. Shawn came to Ada County from the US Army where he worked as a combat medic and a Korean linguist. In his current position, Shawn oversees operations, including management of the field teams and supervisors, SERT teams, reserves, dispatch, deployment, communications, the Logistics department and various other operational duties. Shawn attended the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center at the Presidio of Monterey, Ca., and Volunteer State Community College. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys skiing, camping, hunting and spending time with his family. Ada County Paramedic employees describe Shawn as “Approachable, fair and a natural leader.”
Harry Eccard
Harry Eccard Deputy Chief
Harry Eccard has worked in the EMS field since 1979. Prior to working for Ada County Paramedics, Harry worked as a police officer and marine deputy. He also worked for the Poison Control Center, the Back County Medical Rescue team, and for a helicopter service. Harry now oversees EMS field hiring, education, emergency preparedness, business development, training support, special event contracting, grant funding, and our reserve program. Harry was also a driving force in implementing the Ada County Paramedics Tactical Medical Team and our Emergency Vehicle Operation Course program (EVOC). In his spare time, Harry enjoys hunting, camping and fishing. Ada County Paramedic employees describe Harry as “Someone who puts out good vibes, is fair, good-hearted and loyal.”
John Blake
John BlakeDeputy Chief
John Blake has worked for Ada County Paramedics since 1999. Prior to his current position, John worked for Frontier Oil and Refining in Cheyenne, Wyoming where he aided in maintaining federal and state compliance. He also managed wastewater, groundwater and air compliance programs. In his current position, John oversees the financial and administrative functions of the department, including our Community Paramedics, compliance functions, and policy and procedure development. John holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wyoming. In his spare time, John enjoys rafting, fly fishing, camping, skiing and gardening. Ada County Paramedics describe John as “Approachable, sincere, real, earnest and a talented paramedic.”
Stacy Winn
Stacy WinnOffice Administrator
Stacy Winn has worked for Ada County Paramedics since 1999. Prior to her current position, Stacy worked for Ada County Paramedics’ billing office. Stacy now oversees all Ada County Paramedics’ programs and processes including, time management, new hires, travel coordination, budget management and allocation and she is also Secretary to the EMS Advisory Board. In her spare time, Stacy enjoys reading, working in her yard and traveling. Ada County Paramedic employees describe Stacy as “Organized, efficient, quick and someone you just want to be around.”
Hadley Mayes
Hadley MayesCommunications Specialist
Hadley Mayes has worked for Ada County Paramedics since 2012. Hadley manages PR, marketing, media relations and outreach, social media, copywriting and editing, collateral material creation, event coordination and Vital Ride Ambulance Membership marketing and sales. Hadley wrote for two magazines and after receiving her journalism degree from Boise State University. She has also worked as a reporter, columnist, multimedia manager and marketing associate. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, family activities and working out (sometimes.) Ada County Paramedics employees describe Hadley as “Creative and driven.”
Linda Rosenwinkel
Linda RosenwinkelBilling Manager
Linda Rosenwinkel has worked for Ada County Paramedics since 2009. Prior to her current position, Linda worked for a small credit union. When she started with Ada County, Linda worked as a billing department collector before taking the position of billing manager. Linda currently manages the Ada County Paramedics’ billing office for Ada County Paramedics’ ambulance services and coordinates patient and insurance payments. Linda received her degree in English from Boise State University. In her spare time, she enjoys camping and reading classic literature. Ada County Paramedic employees describe Linda as “Fun, fair and easy to work for.”
Bart Buckendorf
Bart BuckendorfBattalion Chief
Bart Buckendorf has been with Ada County Paramedics since 1983. Prior to working for Ada County, Bart worked for Nampa Fire. Currently, Bart manages our infection control department in addition to supervising field paramedics. Bart has a degree in Business from The College of Idaho. In his spare time, Bart enjoys spending time with his family, seeing movies, playing Wii and board games and traveling with his family to Disneyland in their camper. Bart, who is on the Board of Directors for his church camp, has also demonstrated first aid at the camp each summer for the past 27 years. Ada County Paramedic employees describe Bart as, “Really fair, easy to talk to, wise and works to make his crews happy as well as successful.”
Clinton Wolf
Clinton WolfBattalion Chief
Clinton began working in the emergency medical service field in 1990 as a basic volunteer emergency medical technician in Camas and Blaine Counties. He then started his full time EMT career in Jerome County where he eventually became the Director. In 1997 Clinton came to Ada County Paramedics where he’s worked in our Field Training Officer program (FTO) and has served as the Safety Officer. He currently holds the title of Field Supervisor and FTO Coordinator. In his free time Clinton enjoys working on his parent’s farm. Ada County Paramedic employees describe Clinton as “Straightforward, no nonsense and just an all around good guy.”
Peder Ahearn
Peder AhearnBattalion Chief
Peder Humlen-Ahearn has worked in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for the past 15 years. Peder came to Ada County Paramedics in 2001, where he is now a Battalion Chief. Prior to working for Ada County Paramedics, Peder worked as an EMT for Medix Ambulance in Orange County, California. Peder holds two degrees, an AS in Paramedic Science from Keiser University in Florida and a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety from Siena Heights in Michigan. In his time off, Peder works patrol for the Sheriff’s office. He also enjoys watching movies and fishing. Ada County Paramedics’ employees describe Peder as “Smart as a whip, a patient advocate and passionate.”
Tina Lukecart
Tina LukecartBattalion Chief
Tina Lukecart has worked for Ada County Paramedics since 1997. Prior to working for Ada County, Tina was in the Idaho Army National Guard where she worked in flight operations as a Flight Medic and had administrative duties at a Regional Maintenance Training site. Currently, Tina is an Ada County Paramedics Field Supervisor where she also holds the title of TacMed Member and department Health and Safety Officer. Tina oversees field operations, the 911 EMS response system, coordinates health and safety operations and department policies as they apply to occupational safety and personnel wellness issues. In her spare time, Tina enjoys working with sport horses, hiking and spending time with friends and family. Ada County Paramedic employees describe Tina as “Strong, dedicated, resourceful and innovative.”
Andrea Cobler
Andrea CoblerBattalion Chief
Andrea Cobler began her Emergency Medical Services career in 1989 after attending the University of Maryland as a Pre-Veterinary Medicine major. Andrea began working for Ada County in 1994 after working as a Shift Supervisor and then a Department Manager at Elmore County Ambulance. Andrea has four “awesome” kids, four incredible grandkids and an amazing husband with whom she enjoys spending most all of her free time. When not working, Andrea enjoys traveling, showing and working with horses and competing with her Border Collie, Splash, in herding trials and freestyle frisbee competitions. Andrea also enjoys spending time taking pictures (and is also the resident Ada County Paramedics photographer) and doing anything that involves sun, sand and water.
Jake Oven
Jake OvenBattalion Chief
Jake Oven has worked for Ada County Paramedics since 2001. Prior to coming to Ada County, Jake worked for several other Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies. In his current position, Jake oversees field supervision and manages electronic medical records (ePCR). Ada County Paramedics employees describe Jake as “dedicated, honest, intelligent and well respected in his profession.”